The best time to clean your panels is before ideally before summer. Your summer production produces more than you normally do during the winter months. The summer solstice marks the beginning of summer which means longer days, and cleaning your panels can drastically improve your energy production. Find out how you can maximize your solar savings by cleaning your panels during the summer.

Why is solar energy produced during the summer worth more?

Summer is the best time for California solar owners. The summer solstice means more daylight hours, as a result solar systems will produce 15% more energy. In addition, the solar energy produced during the summer is also valued more because of the higher demand costs. So not only do companies with solar make more energy, the energy they produce is worth more!

How can you build even more savings?

A great way to maximize savings is to clean your solar panels at least once a year. Generally, solar systems in commercial and urban areas have very little maintenance involved. If you’re in an agricultural area, where soiling issues are prominent – consider cleaning your system more regularly. The difference can be up to 10% increase in electricity production depending on the design criteria and environmental soiling factors. Considering all of the factors together, means California businesses with solar stand to make a lot of money during the summer months.

Cleaning tips to improve solar energy production.

  1. Use only water. No soap or detergents.
  2. Squeegees will help remove excess water that may dry out and leave hard water stains.
  3. Use cotton brush no metallic bristles that may scratch the module coating.

Please observe all safety precautions before cleaning your own solar panels. Contact us should you have an questions on solar maintenance for your location.

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