Solar’s actually pretty simple.

A solar system or photovoltaic system, (not to be confused the one with spinning gas giants) consists of panels, inverters, an electrical panel, utility meter, and racking to hold the system in place.

  1. Photovoltaic (PV) cells (your panels) convert sunlight to direct current (DC) electricity.
  2. The inverter converts DC into alternating current (AC) electricity, stores it to be used when needed.
  3. The electrical panel sends power to your lights, powering your business.
  4. The utility meter measures the energy you draw and feeds it back into the grid.
  5. And racking keeps that bad boy in place.

You still with us? Of course you are! It’s pretty simple. The difficult part in installing solar to your business is finding the right company.


Vista Solar has been providing design and installation solutions to California’s business owners for the past decade.  We educate you in all aspects of your savings through designs tailored to your business’ utility needs. You’ll know your installation’s progress through the construction phase to all the way to completion. Best part? We’ll monitor your system for the next ten years to assure your solar installation is producing targeted usage needs, or we’ll write you a check.

Not too shabby, right?  See what solar can do for you with a free savings analysis here.

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Photo by Joshua Sortino