Conventional energy costs have risen by several times in the last few years due to the rapid consumption of fossil fuels and environmental degradation. Therefore, governments, individuals, and private enterprises around the world are keen on seeking out alternative energy sources to reduce further depletion of natural resources. Commercial businesses that make a planned investment in harnessing solar power to meet their energy needs can use the expertise of companies specializing in solar panels, and save thousands of dollars on an annual basis. Private businesses have a tendency to reside in one location for years at a time; therefore, it makes perfect sense for them to invest in solar power. Here are the details of various types of businesses that can benefit from solar power.

Laundromats – Since a laundromat is a business entirely dependent on electricity to carry out its services, its overhead costs shoot up whenever there is an increase in the energy prices. Therefore, the CEO of the world’s largest laundromat located in Berwyn, Illinois, with nearly 300 washers and dryers spread across 13,500 square feet, invested in solar power way back in 2004. The solar panels perform the most important function of heating up the water, helping save on energy bills to a large extent. He is also planning to install solar thermal panels along with photovoltaic panels at a new outlet likely to start in Chicago, which will perform the twin tasks of water heating and electricity generation and save more on energy bills.

Data Storage Units – With the current trend of cloud computing, more and more firms are depending on third party data storage companies to maintain their information. In such circumstances, tremendous amount of energy is required to maintain these large servers, which work 24/7 to update information from all corners of the globe. Within the United States itself, global giants like Apple, Google and Microsoft  are investing in solar energy to run their data centers. While Intel already has a 10KW solar plant to handle energy shortages during summer, Apple also has an energy intensive data center in California, which uses only renewable energy.

Manufacturing Units – All manufacturing units, which process materials, need electricity to run their machines along with powerful lighting and HVAC systems to keep the work area safe. Moreover, they also produce carbon dioxide, which creates havoc on the environment over a period of time. Kortick Manufacturing, located in San Francisco, installed a roof type 128.2 kW solar power system with the help of Vista Solar in 2009, comprising of 392 solar roof tiles spread across 8426 sq. ft. This has helped the firm meet nearly 100 percent of its energy requirement and also reduced 140 tons of carbon dioxide emission per annum.

Restaurants – These business units also have large energy costs due to cooking, air conditioning, lighting, refrigeration, and washing activities, which can be reduced to a large extent with the help of solar energy. The energy usage of restaurants also causes them to leave high carbon footprints, which can be reduced to a large extent by solar panels that have relatively zero emissions. The solar project by Chipotle Mexican Grill, under which all its restaurants will be fitted with solar panels, will help the chain in the production of 500 kW of electricity while reducing CO2 emission.

Breweries – Breweries follow a number of energy intensive operations, which are carried out non-stop to process ingredients for producing the final product. A renowned brewery, DeRose vineyards, was successful in reducing water consumption in its farm by dry farming. However, it was keen on seeking clean energy alternative for meeting their energy requirements too. This is where Vista Solar stepped in and helped DeRose Winery become San Benito’s first completely solar power enabled winery by setting up 28 kW solar power system, which has helped it reduce nearly 80 percent of energy bills.

From a cursory view of the above features, it is clear that businesses are likely to benefit from the use of solar energy in the long run, which will lead to a reduction of energy bills and carbon footprint.

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