“As a church, we are always looking for ways to cut expenses without compromising our ministry; Vista Solar helped us do that. Vista gave us a thorough education on the product, helped us through the financing phase, and completed the work on-time with minimal work done by our staff. We are very happy with the process, the product, and most importantly, the people.”

– Greg Wendschlag, Abundant Life Church  *See video testimonial here.


After years of watching utility costs progressively absorb congregational funds, the church board members knew they needed a clean energy solution. The church reviewed roughly a dozen solar providers before selecting Vista Solar. With a zero-down lease, taking the time to educate to the congregation use of our product with a construction expert while addressing all the board’s questions and concerns, Abundant Life Assembly chose Vista Solar as their solution.


Charged with the task of eliminating the church’s energy bill, Vista Solar designed and installed solar panel systems on 3 different roofs with 3 different pitches. When the total production was only reaching 74% of the production goals, Vista Solar incorporated high-efficiency SunPower panels.

With these high-efficiency solar panels in place, 100% of the church’s electricity needs and effectively eliminated the electric bill. This also required fewer panels, thereby requiring less rooftop space. The church leaders value the superior aesthetics of the SunPower solar panels, which now prominently displays on the sanctuary.


Vista Solar maintained a safe and non-disruptive work site, which was especially important since the church has an on-site school. The installation went so smoothly that, “half the time, we didn’t even know they were there,” said Board Member Bob Mincy.

Vista Solar completed the solar project on-time and on-budget in December 2012.

Overall, the church is extremely happy with the process of going solar. “I’ve got nothing but high marks for the Vista Solar staff. From the installers to the top guys giving the presentations, they are all very professional,” said Mincy.

With solar power, Abundant Life church has removed a budget line item from the cost category and created a hedge against unpredictable utility costs not just for today, but for many years to come.

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