“This installation required extreme logistical preparation,” says Nate Villarreal, Construction Manager for Vista Solar. “On these types of projects, experience is your best friend – we knew what to prep for and how, so that we were able to stick to budget and timeline without disrupting the customer’s business.”


Created in 1954, The Acme Landfill provides Contra Costa County and surrounding communities alternative waste disposal. Services include green, wood and yard wastes, construction, debris, and all other inert wastes. Most noteworthy practice of The Acme Landfill is their recycling and resource recovery. They actively participate in reducing our Nation’s dependency on fossil fuels which is especially relevant to furthering along the renewable energy industry. To aid in their growth while maintaining the vision of their business, Vista Solar, Inc. designs and installs a 372.64-kilowatt (kW) PV system to offset the electrical burden.


As a result of the proper design and installation of this ground mount array by Vista Solar, we expect to offset the company’s electric bill by 90 percent, saving over $119,000 in the first year alone. In addition to an estimated $3 million savings of over 25 years, the pay back is 4.8 years. 574,000 kilowatt hours of clean energy will generate annually. 70% of the cost of the system are subsidized through tax incentives.

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