“From the first meeting all the way to the realized energy savings, Vista Solar delivered exactly what they promised. The decision to install solar and partnering with Vista Solar has been a wonderful success.”

– Scott Kinsey, Baywide Properties


One owner of Baywide properties in the Bay Area, performs the research to find recommendations on energy efficient retrofits. Reviewing various options such as HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) upgrades, interior lighting retrofits, and additional duct-work improvements. It’s clear that installing solar would achieve the greatest impact on their overall goal of generating energy savings for their owners and tenants.


Analyzing the available roof space and optimizing the energy bill savings, Vista Solar provides the proper information on efficient solar products. Therefore, Baywide Properties gives the green light to install a 54-kilowatt (kW) photovoltaic solar system. Which is roughly the equivalent of 12 residential solar systems.

In addition, the solar installation increases the value of the building. This solar system is expected to save over $12,600 in the first year alone, paying for itself in just 5.5 years. The lifetime savings in excess of $600,000, made choosing a solar installation over other energy efficiency options an easy decision to make. Furthermore, a significant portion of the building’s PG&E utility bill is forever eliminated.

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