“We are extremely satisfied with our panel system, as it has over-performed since its completion. By switching to solar, our system has yielded significant electric bill savings and higher than expected cash flow.” 

– Bakir Begovic, CEO of B&H Engineering


Known for its caliber of products, B&H Engineering’s partner in the solar industry had to have the right experience. Someone who is providing equal quality of business and customer satisfaction. To seal the deal, Vista Solar, Inc. actively engaged with transparent communication of finances, scope of project, and a thorough knowledge of solar products to maximize savings. Designing and installation of this 235-kilowatt (kW) solar panel system offsets 99% of the electricity bill.


When Sgt. Blain Cooper says it’s, “Payback time,” he means it, and so do we. This system’s design offsets the company’s electric bill by 99 percent. In the first year alone, savings are over $80,000. Plus, an estimated 25-year savings of over $1.5 million. That’ll buy your college student 2 books! The system will pay back in approximately 3.5 years, and generate over 380,000 kilowatt hours of clean energy each year.

“Bakir, Robert, and their team were a pleasure to work with. In addition of taking advantage of the 30% federal tax credit, they recovered the accelerated depreciation of the system. They saw a huge boost to the company’s bottom line the first year the system was installed, not to mention the $90,000+ they save from PG&E every year.” – Spencer Wells, Vista Solar, Inc. Project Developer

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