“In and about mid-July of 2016, I contacted Mr. Wells (Vista Solar Project Developer) to explore the possibility of installing a solar power system on my property; Mr. Wells has shown utmost professional skill and interest to guild me through the whole process. He is courteous, firm, and knowledgeable, about the business in this field. Furthermore, he helped me tirelessly to get the meter swap installed due to no fault of your company.

I am extremely happy to work with your team to get this project completed and on budget.

I highly recommend my friends and property owners to Vista Solar for their solar power projects.

One happy customer, Leo K. Choy”

– Owner of Boatman Business Park


Leo Choy, owner of Boatman Business Park, starts evaluating solar in mid-July of 2016.  The boatman business park is home to over 10 tenant spaces, all master-metered.  He’s trying to find additional ways to generate revenue from his property, and comes across the idea of solar. Research brings Leo to Vista Solar, Inc., and as they say, “the rest is history.”


Combining our efforts, Leo now owns both his real estates, and is able drive additional profits from the building by charging his tenants for the power they were once paying to Silicon Valley Power.

The solar system generates 165,691-kilowatt (kW) annually, and saves Leo and his tenants over $600,000 over 25 years. Furthermore, a tax credit return and a Silicon Valley Power rebate puts over $155,000 back into Leo’s pocket.


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