“With 65% growth in the last five years, we needed to look at smart ways to manage our growing energy consumption, and Vista Solar has helped us do that.”

– Will Trefts, CCS General Manager  *See video testimonial here.


When Container Consulting Services opened its doors in 1973, it was a motivated, one-man shop operating out of a garage. From those humble beginnings, CCS has grown into the thriving mid-size packaging distributor. Family-owned and -operated, CCS employs a growing professional workforce of sales, office, and warehouse personnel, and manages a sprawling delivery network covering Northern California.

“CCS was a perfect candidate for solar,” says Vista Solar Sales Manager Jennifer Le. “With high energy consumption, a large unobstructed roof space, and customers who care about their carbon footprint, the decision to go solar made sense from every perspective.”

The 44.2 kW system at CCS  offsets 98% of the company’s electricity bill and generate positive cash flow savings from day one. The cumulative 25-year savings will total well over$500,000. Annually, the system will generate over 67,000 kilowatt hours of clean energy, offsetting over 50 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, and producing enough energy to power 5 homes.

Construction on the system was completed in just 8 days. The equipment used includes high-efficiency Suniva modules and SMA TriPower inverters.

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