“Vista Solar has done very well. They’ve been proactive and very good to work with. They really listened to what matters to us and how we run our business.”

– Mike Messick, DPR Construction


The system’s designs and installation by Vista Solar, generates at least 158,000 kilowatt hours of clean energy each year. This grants DPR Construction net zero energy consumption at its new San Francisco office. Solar meets 100% of the building’s annual electricity needs!

DPR Construction partnered with Vista Solar to meet a number of unique site challenges in pursuit of DPR Construction’s net zero energy goal. Which includes installation of the solar power system on the company’s highly-constrained rooftop.


To generate the maximum amount of power within the limited roof space, Vista Solar installed high-efficiency SunPower X21/345 solar panels, which produces 75% more energy than conventional panels from the same space over the first 25 years.

Additionally, Vista Solar installed Solar Edge inverters which pair DC optimizers with each solar panel. As a result, this produces as much power as possible, even when other panels on the roof are shaded by adjacent buildings. As well as Silverback Solar racking for a custom design solution that accommodated the precise attachment points, 20-foot spans, varying elevations of the barrel roof and 19 solar tubes.


“The challenge of finding solutions for the site constraints and being able to take part in a net zero retrofit, right in our backyard, made this an inspiring project to work on,” said Vista Solar Asset Manager, Sam Kim. “Everyone wanted to see DPR Construction succeed.”


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