“Vista Solar’s technicians are knowledgeable and added greatly to the project. The array they installed benefits the school and we look forward to working with them again in the future.” 

– Rob Smiley, Evergreen School District  *See video testimonial here.


Working with specialists, such as local solar firm Vista Solar, this solar installation artfully integrated into the buildings recessed architecture. This allows the Evergreen School District to not only meets the stringent California Title 24 energy efficiency requirements, but surpasses them by an astounding 41%. With what little energy is used by the new Administration Building, it’s offset by this 36-kW solar installation.

The combination of leading-edge energy efficiency, and onsite clean renewable energy generation makes this building California’s first net-zero energy public school structure.

A flat screen monitor in the Administration Building, ties to a state-of-the-art energy management system designed by Schneider Electric. Real time data plays across the screen, showing the solar system energy generation. School personnel can see energy consumption and generation data down to the individual breakers in the electrical panels. Furthermore making continued energy management a breeze.

To ensure a cleaner environment for the student’s futures is a key motivator for the District’s decision to “go green”. The solar system alone offsets approximately 25 metric tons of C02 emissions every year. As a result, setting a clear example of environmental stewardship for the students and local community.

In addition, the solar installation will generate at least $9,900 in electricity bill savings for the school. With the rising cost of electricity, the savings generated over the lifetime of the system translates to over $480,000 in funds. Hence, those savings now pool into the funding the large variety of extra-curricular programs the school provides for their students.

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