“Vista Solar has done very well. They’ve been proactive and very good to work with. They really listened to what matters to us and how we run our business.”

– Gavin Frase, President of Kortick Manufacturing


Kortick Manufacturing is a 100-year-old, family-owned business, and the company enhanced its proud legacy in 2009 by becoming only the second certified green manufacturing company in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2012, Kortick sought to take another leap forward in its environmental commitment along with reducing waste and operational costs. At the time, new manufacturing processes being installed were expected to require significantly more electricity. Consequently, going solar made sense “as part of our continuing efforts to grow sustain-ably,” said President Gavin Frase. Since the company’s clients are utilities that are beholden to environmental mandates, going solar further builds a competitive advantage for Kortick as a green company. Thus, when Vista Solar put forth a solar proposal, turning a rooftop into a clean energy generating asset made practical business-sense.


Vista Solar offered Kortick several solar options, but the SunPower solar solution rose to the top of the list. Kortick liked the SunPower reputation, and Kortick wanted to invest in a reliable solar product backed by a company that is stable and would be able to fulfill warranty commitments for the long-term. The self-ballasting SunPower® T5 Solar Roof Tiles offered Kortick a solution that could be quickly installed without roof penetrations, and the simple design would allow the system to be easily removed if the company needed to redo the roof. The long-term durability of SunPower products was another crucial advantage, but perhaps most importantly, “a SunPower system gave us the best long-term numbers,” said Frase.


Vista Solar’s proposal featuring SunPower® T5 Solar Roof Tiles, which transforms this under-utilized rooftop into an energy-generating asset. A zero-down operating lease allows Kortick to be cash-flow positive from day one. In two short weeks, Vista Solar installation of this a 128.2 kW solar rooftop system is saving money. The SunPower system offsets virtually 100% of the company’s energy bill, and offsets 148 tons of carbon emissions each year. That’s equivalent to planting 602 trees. By going solar with Vista Solar, Kortick has taken another big step in differentiating itself as a green business, cutting costs for the long-term, and helping the environment.

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