“Every step we’ve taken so far has been good for the planet, and has made good economic sense for the business. In the midst of these changes, our revenues and profits continue to grow.”

– Pat Callinan, Founder and CEO of Silicon Valley Microelectronics


Silicon Valley Microelectronic’s commitment to the environment is ingrained in the company’s ethos. Over the years, SVM has taken the steps of running their business economically and environmentally. Such as converting its fleet of local delivery vehicles to hybrids, and replacing desktop computers to energy efficient laptops. In addition, they de-lamped their facility, and installed weather-based irrigation systems. In 2008, Silicon Valley Power performed an energy efficiency audit on SVM’s facility. They found that SVM was using less than half of the energy of benchmark businesses in their class. Thinking forward, SVM turned to Vista Solar to design a solar system that offsets their remaining energy usage.


Designing a 59 kW roof-mounted solar array that it would parallel with an energy efficient roof coating known as “cool-roof”. In addition of reflecting 83% of the sun’s rays cooling the building, the reflective coating increases the sunlight exposure. Hence, improving the performance of the solar arrays.

Vista Solar later returned to install a 21 kW custom carport to help offset the increased usage seen by the ever-growing SVM. The carport design includes veneers around the edges of the array ,and under the solar modules that conceals the electrical wiring and micro-inverters attached to the carport. In addition, the carport is color-match paint blends seamlessly with the adjacent building. Due to the high quality attention-to-detail on the carport, the system’s nominated for Sunpower’s “Intelegant” award. This award is for beautifully crafted solar systems. Today, SVM is one of a handful of Silicon Valley companies that’s successfully generating 100% of its electricity needs from solar power.

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