“We appreciate that Vista Solar brought our new solar system on line in the time. Hence allotted from the beginning our discussions. This allowed for an uninterrupted harvest season free from construction activities. As well as a new system up and running as we were bringing in the 2015 almond crop. We are looking forward to the energy offsets generated by our newest system while we anticipate the 2016 almond crop.”

Dave Phippen, Co-Owner of Travaille and Phippen


Agriculture is a demanding industry, financially and physically. Depending on your harvest, every acre, and every facility space demands to be used efficiently. Travaille and Phippen, a well known almond grower, packer, and shipper of California, is generating $115,568 annually as a result through Vista Solar’s rooftop and ground mount installation. As a result, the combination of arrays puts the roof and unusable land to work in generating power and savings.

With the new solar installation, Travaille and Phippen expects to offset 79.51% of their energy bill, and become cash-flow positive from year one. Their 366kW solar solution estimates to generate 535,214kWh annually, and expects to save $3,255,123 over the next 25 years.

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*Annual savings based on Year 1 of installation in operation.