“With our new system saving millions, we now have a hedge against utility rates and have more money that we can reinvest in our employees and our products.”

– Vince Tov, General Manager of U.S. Trading Company


“Solar power is a way we cut costs and run our business even more efficiently, and Vista Solar gave us a deal that made too much sense to not go solar,” said Vince Tov, General Manager.

Installing Suniva solar panels and an Equilibrium Echo Foot 2 racking system turns a rooftop into an energy-producing asset. On-time and on-budget in two short weeks of construction, this project generates savings prior to contractual date! In the first year of operation, the solar system production is 398,300 kWh.

Going solar also benefits the environment since much of the energy coming from utilities usage derives from fossil fuels. The solar system’s energy will offset almost 280 tons of carbon emissions in the first year alone, and the energy generated in that time period will be the equivalent to powering 30 homes each year. Not to mention over $3.7 million dollars of savings over the next 25 years!

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