“Vista Solar has the most amazing and professional team. They were extremely easy to work with. It seemed to me like everyone had an answer for me when I needed information. Our solar project was extremely challenging because of the steep slope that our system was installed on. Because of their proficiency and knowledge of solar, our project went smooth. I would recommend Vista Solar to anyone.”

Dave Eastman, Valley Montessori School


Valley Montessori School is a private, independent, non-profit school for children from eighteen months through eighth grade. The school’s method is to educate the whole person through the Montessori approach. This addresses the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical needs of each child. Like most schools, Valley Montessori was looking for a way to lower operating costs, and free up valuable financial resources to re-invest in their children.


One of the key benefits that Vista brought to the table was the ability to secure a special solar lease financing solution for non-profit organizations. As a result, the financing solution provided a mechanism for the non-profit school to take advantage of the significant solar tax incentives that they would ordinarily not be able to use. In addition, the financing solution was tailored to the savings generated by the solar system, making the financing payments less than the savings generated by solar every year on their electricity bills. With no upfront investment, Valley Montessori School is saving money with solar electricity for decades to come.

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