“Overall, our community is very satisfied with our solar installation experience with Vista Solar. They were professional in every aspect of the job. We’re currently in discussion of installing solar on another building with Vista Solar. They’re the people we keep going back to.”

– Kereen Stoll, Director of Wharf Plaza I & II Apartments  *See video testimonial here.


After reviewing all of the bills for both the community, and performing a detailed site walk, Vista Solar was able to identify a design that maximizes the savings potential of solar with the lowest upfront investment for Wharf Plaza. By focusing on the common area meters that served two of the building’s hallway lights and elevators, Wharf Plaza could achieve the greatest savings without having to cover every square inch of their available roof space.


As a result, the 79 kW solar system spans two of the three campus buildings. Rooftop mounting the Suntech modules with UniRac’s RapicRack ballasted racking solution. Rated for 120mph wind gusts, the racking solution requires only 11 attachments (for seismic bracing). At the heart of the system are Solectria 10 and 15 kW 3-phase string inverters.

The solar system produces 113,980 kWh annually, which is enough to offset 68% of Wharf Plaza’s electricity bill – saving at least $21K on electricity every year. Currently, the system is producing up to 16% more energy than originally estimated on an annual basis – meaning more savings for Wharf Plaza.

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