“Even if we didn’t have greenhouse gases, we’re going to have to move away from fossil fuels as we’re going to run out. They’re finite, whereas solar and wind are infinite.” – Ted Turner

Ever since the breakthrough technologies of tapping solar energy have emerged, the world has not looked back. New and improved techniques and methods have paved the way for solar energy to be used in different parts of the globe. At the recently held 2014 Annual National Solar Conference in San Francisco, experts discussed the bright, upcoming future of solar energy. It is quite evident that there are many countries, which are looking at this renewable source in the near future.

There are several companies who manufacture different types of solar panels with a touch of innovation.

Some innovative solar panels or cells in at the market are discussed here:

  • Perovskite solar cell: This type of solar cell has attracted a lot of attention from different scientists and companies, owing to its prolonged diffusion length, huge absorption coefficient, and charge carrier mobility. Compared to thin-film photovoltaics, these solar cells are much more efficient in nature. The main reason for the popularity of these solar cells is its ability to increase the efficient and effective movement of electrical current after being exposed to sunlight.
  • Polychrystalline modules: These modules are a cluster of different crystals, which have been fused together to create one single cell. Being one of the oldest solar cells used, these are very popular in the market.
  • Amorphous modules: Better known as thin-film panels, these have become very popular in different markets of the world. These panels are able to sustain high temperatures and can also operate in shady locations. One of the biggest selling points of these panels is their ability to bear hotter climate.
  • Transparent organic solar cell: One of the most innovative ways of generating solar power is transparent panels. Imagine every glass window and door can generate solar power. That is the vision and objective of transparent panels. These panels can easily be installed on the window panes in buildings, which would generate power that can be transferred easily to the building’s central grid.

Reasons for Solar Power Surge:
Apart from the new and innovative types of solar panels available in the market, there are many reasons for solar energy becoming popular in the market. Some of the primary reasons for this are:

  • Awareness: It is evident that more and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of solar energy. Apart from this, the electrical energy provided by the grid has also increased in cost, which has propelled people to look for different forms of energy. The awareness quotient has increased in the recent times due to the different articles and news items being published in newspapers and on the internet.
  • Cost of panels: Another big factor that will pave the way for solar energy being popular in the market in the near future is the decreased cost of different panels. Thin-film panels have considerably gone down the cost ladder in the recent times with many companies venturing into the market. Different materials are also being used for making these panels that are much more cost effective than the panels available in the market earlier.
  • Technological advancements: The different technological advancements in solar energy have also increased its credibility and sustainability by manifolds. This has been one of the main factors in enhancing the popularity of solar energy in the market. New and improved technology is yet to come as many companies are still entering this market.

The future of solar energy looks immensely bright like the sun itself, owing to the ever increasing demand of power in the world. This is just the awakening dawn of solar energy and its day and night are yet to arrive.